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 Playing in Excess works to make Black feminist language, theory and practice accessible and tangible for everyday Black folk. The space encourages Black folks to reject white epistemologies and ways of thinking. We must develop our own metaphysics and define what we see as value and truth. 



Black women (and Black women subject-positions) are told they can do and be anything. But, at what cost and for the use of whom? Not Yo Superwoman is a space where Black folks, especially Black women subject-positions can simply be and exist. A space where our “value” is not measured by our labor and the amount of material wealth our wombs can yield to white capitalism and patriarchy. A space where we are magical Black witches who can shape shift and be anything we wish to be rather than the limiting definitions of what society desires us to be. We engage in a theory that saves our own lives and validates whatever we feel/know is (Christian 78-79). 

Not Yo Superwoman


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